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Can those that we love deceive us the most? 


Darian Locke finds his brother's fiancée hanging from a vaulted crystal chandelier the morning after an

extravagant dinner party.

The local police arrive and question why the stunning Adriana would commit suicide after such a jubilant occasion.

Was it even possible for the model-like beauty to tether herself with a rope and jump? 

And if so why would she do such a thing after announcing

her engagement to Preston Locke?

And why can't Darian remember much from the night before?

The Locke brothers must bury their suspicions about one another, and find the truth as the police and media presume their guilt and their tiny little corner of the world

begins to close in on them.

After his boss puts him on leave, Darian delves into long-buried secrets that may contain clues

surrounding Adriana's death.

Can he get to the truth without destroying the only family,

he ever had?

Reader Reviews:

Michele said on Dec 09, 2021:
The Intrusion by Bryan Koepke was an interesting read.  I like Darian, retired special forces.  I also like the strong, female detective.  The storyline was good; the twist at the end, awesome.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery. 
Sharon said on Nov 05, 2021:
The Intrusion provides readers a twisty crime to be solved story which broadens its footprint to include the unearthing of jarring family secrets and development of new and interesting relationships. 
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