From an early age, I knew that someday I'd be an author.  But first I had to live a bit of life.  I grew up on the plains climbing trees, running across wide-open prairies, and when driven indoors because of rain or snow I'd busy myself drawing pictures of cars and airplanes.  

At the age of 7, I wrote my first stories on college-ruled notebook paper in the back of my parent's station wagon as we drove to some faraway destination.  It was during that time that my imagination filled with all kinds of possibilities.

In my teens, I discovered motorcycles and spent a few years racing a Yamaha YZ 125 Motorcross bike down in Oklahoma on weekends when I'd saved up enough money to pay the entrance fees.  In the mid 90's I followed my love of aviation and obtained my aviation mechanic's A&P licenses, and a few years later my private pilot's license.

For years, until I got to busy with work I flew most weekends over much of Colorado, Wyoming, and Kansas in rented Cessna 172's.

During the summer of 2010, I started writing what would become my first full-length novel.  That thriller and a second book never made it off of my laptop.  In 2014 I started my own publishing company named Writers Cabin Press Ltd. and I self-published my first two books, VENGEANCE and SABOTAGE, under that label.


Since then while working in Aerospace Finance I've spent weekends writing and have been contacted by publishers to write Chat Fiction stories several times, and most recently I wrote a few serial novels for Radish Fiction.

I'm currently working on a new mystery thriller novel staring a brand new protagonist, Darian Locke. 


In this new novel, an elaborate dinner party ends with the death of one of the guests.  Less than 24 hours earlier Darian arrived at his brother's home for a welcome home party. 

The next morning, minutes after calling 911, Darian sits face to face with a seasoned female crime detective who is hell-bent on finding out what happened and which of the party-goers was responsible.  With each question, Darian's confident demeanor slips and he begins to question his own brother's actions. 


© 2020 by BRYAN KOEPKE

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