BRYAN KOEPKE is the author of multiple thriller novels.  He has a degree in Business Finance, advanced studies in several technical fields, and is a private pilot.  Additionally, he's written and sold both chat fiction internationally.  He has also published stories in both the thriller and romance genres on a Serial Fiction Platform.

His first thriller, VENGEANCE, came out in 2014. The second Reece Culver thriller, SABOTAGE, was released in late 2015 and contains the winning recipe from a contest held that year to invent the drink named Vengeance.

Visit Bryan's website at www.bryankoepke.com for all his latest book news, and to find out what he's been up to lately.

Here's a bit of what reviewers have said about his work:

"Bryan Koepke writes like he has been doing this for years. His book is so well-conceived and written you would think that this is the tenth or twelfth book in a series, but alas it is his first novel. That is so exciting because it means there will be more to come and I look forward to reading his future works." by William D. Curnutt

"A twisting tale full of action. I thought I had it figured out several times only to learn that I had not done so. Put everything away and get ready for a great story." by Linda Bryan

"For being a debut novel, Bryan Koepke's VENGEANCE manipulates the usual ingredients for a thriller - revenge, betrayal, and redemption - in such a forceful way that once started it is difficult to set the book aside." by Grady Harp

I'm currently working on a new mystery thriller novel featuring a brand new protagonist, Darian Locke. 


In this new novel, an elaborate dinner party ends with the death of one of the guests.  Less than 24 hours earlier Darian arrived at his brother's home for a welcome home party. 

The next morning, minutes after calling 911, Darian sits face to face with a seasoned female crime detective who is hell-bent on finding out what happened and which of the party-goers was responsible.  With each question, Darian's confident demeanor slips and he begins to question his own brother's actions. 


© 2020 by BRYAN KOEPKE

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