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Sabotage$16.00 $2.99
Author: Bryan Koepke
Length: 312
Publisher: Writers Cabin Press, Ltd.
Publication Year: 2015
ISBN: 0991582438

Traffic Accident – International Assassin – Corporate Scandal – The woman of his dreams – Drones threaten London. Reece Culver and his friend Haisley travel to Scotland with only one thing on their minds – fishing. After witnessing an automobile accident involving a journalist they quickly realize that something far greater than reckless driving caused the man to crash into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic. After learning that the victim was on his way to the home of Karl and Marie Rhodes, Reece and Haisley visit Marie looking for answers, and find a woman who is in the middle of her own crises as she watches her 20-year marriage crumble. Haisley goes to London at the request of Karl and uses his computer skills to find out who hacked into the man’s office computer at Draecon International. As he combs through the chief of strategy’s logs he stumbles upon what looks like funds being embezzled out of Draecon, and an even bigger plot that threatens the national security of the United Kingdom. Reece spends greater amounts of time with Marie Rhodes trying to learn what she knows, and soon finds that he can’t resist the temptation of falling in love with the woman of his dreams. But as things heat up he questions her true motives. When Karl Rhodes’ executive secretary is found dead Reece agrees to protect Marie’s soon to be ex-husband. In a tricky game of cat and mouse Reece travels the globe as he tries to keep Marie, her husband, and Karl’s mistress Candice out of harms way. There’s only one problem – someone wants them dead.