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Can those that we love deceive us the most?

Darian Locke finds his brother’s fiancée hanging from a vaulted ceiling the morning after an extravagant dinner party.

When the local police arrive at the house, they question why the stunning Adriana would commit suicide after the announcement of her engagement the night before. And is it even possible for the model-like beauty to tether herself with a rope and jump?

And why can’t Darian remember much from the night before? Was he drugged by one of the guests?

The brothers must put aside their troubled history and suspicions to find the answers as the police and media presume their guilt.

Darian sacrifices everything he's worked so hard to gain as he delves into the long-buried secrets that may contain clues surrounding Adriana’s death.

Can he get to the truth without destroying the only family he ever had?


He’d do anything to catch the person that took his father from him. But what if that meant risking everything?

One morning a desperate woman visits Reece Culver at his makeshift P. I. office in Denver, Colorado. The story of her mother’s disappearance intrigues him and Reece agrees to help his new client, Crystal Thomas.

While reconstructing the events leading up to the missing woman’s disappearance, Culver uncovers a body left behind by an organized crime organization when they abandoned their underground gambling casino.

Aided by a retired police detective who is a family friend Reece Culver connects the victim to his own father’s unsolved murder years earlier.

As Culver digs deeper into the secrets of the missing woman’s past he unknowingly becomes the target of a serial killer working for the organized crime boss.

Reece Culver is dragged into a dark and dangerous world, and he realizes there’s only one way out. And that is to place his trust in someone he is almost certain is connected to the serial killer.

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In this gripping mystery thriller, Reece Culver and his friend Haisley go on a fishing vacation, but they are drug into the dangerous world of Draecon International.

Reece Culver and his friend travel to Scotland with only one thing on their minds - fishing.  On their way into town to get fishing supplies, they witness an automobile accident and they quickly realize that something far greater than reckless driving caused the man to crash into the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.

Investigators Reece and Haisley learn that the victim, a journalist, was on his way to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes.  They visit the couple's house and find a woman, Marie Rhodes, in the middle of her own crisis.

Haisley goes to London at the request of the husband Karl. While there he uses his computer forensics skills to comb through the chief of strategy’s office logs, and he stumbles upon what looks like funds being embezzled out of the large corporation.

Meanwhile, investigator Reece Culver spends greater amounts of time with the wife Marie Rhodes whose going through a divorce and he tries to learn what she knows about the journalist who lost his life. Marie has other ideas, and Reece soon becomes seduced by this mysterious woman.  There's only one problem - she might be the killer.

When Karl Rhodes’ executive secretary is found dead Reece agrees to protect him and his ex-wife Marie, but a tricky game of cat and mouse ensues.

The Novella DAMAGE is the Prequel to VENGEANCE.  

St. Louis Police Detective Al Culver risks it all to find a criminal.
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After serving her time Crystal is ready to do the things she's always dreamed of.

Crystal Thomas and Reece Culver were featured in my first book VENGEANCE. 


Crystal was so popular that she will now be featured as the main character in this new novel named FLIGHT.


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