Hi there, I'm Bryan Koepke.  I imagine ordinary people, and then I put them into unusual circumstances which challenge them to their very core.  I just finished book number 3, and I'm looking for a publisher.  A new book that I'm writing, FLIGHT, is in early production.  

I'm also the author of VENGEANCE (Writers Cabin Press) and SABOTAGE (Writers Cabin Press).  Both of these books are available on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback versions.

I was born in Oklahoma but have spent most of my adult life in Colorado.  I'm a Broncos fan but also watch the Chiefs occasionally since they are a better football team, at least lately.

I am a private pilot, an aircraft mechanic, and I have a degree in Finance.  I've worked as a Project Controls Analysis, an Author, a Sous Chef, and an Electronics Technician.  Back when I was a techie, I worked on everything from high-end copiers to NASA spacecraft.

You can find me on Instagram and Twitter, but hopefully, instead of playing around on social media, I'm in my chair writing something new for you to read.  I'm currently writing my fourth novel, due out late Summer 2021.