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Vengeance (eBook Cover)$14.99 $2.99
Author: Bryan Koepke
Length: 376
Publisher: Writers Cabin Press, Ltd.
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780991582419


On a cold January morning Reece Culver gets a visit from a woman asking for help in solving the mystery of her mother’s disappearance. Intrigued by her story he agrees to help. Not long after it becomes obvious that someone doesn’t want him snooping where he doesn’t belong.

As Reece investigates he decides to head north to his client’s childhood home. Once there things don’t go according to plan. In the pitch black interior of the abandoned home he is blindsided, beaten, and left for dead. Several days later, after regaining his bearings, he sits in the interrogation room of a police station charged with a murder he’s pretty sure he didn’t commit.

When Reece remembers the face of a policemen that he met years earlier he works it to his advantage and is later released on bail. He dives back into his missing person’s case with increased vigor and figures out that the case he’s investigating and an unsolved murder from his past might be linked. The only problem is that as he gets closer to the truth the stakes increase and it becomes apparent that the murderer is tracking his every move.

When it seems like he’s got it all figured out he learns that the FBI plans to offer up immunity to this person in exchange for testimony against a notorious mob boss. Will Reece Culver solve the mystery of the missing person’s whereabouts? Will he survive long enough to catch the killer before the FBI steps in with their offer?